FOREUSE CNC IXION TL 1000 CNC.1 – 1990 – 1375 X 700 MM

CNC Deep Hole Boring Machine
Manufacture IXION
Type TL 1000 CNC.1

Year of manufacture 1989 / 1990
CNC – control ELAU – PT-1
drilling movement CNC-controlled with thread cutting device
drilling depth Z – 1.000 mm
spindle MK 3 (SK 40*)
drilling unit vertical moveable 400 mm
table surface 1.375 mm x 700 mm
loading capacity of the table ca. 2.000 kg
longitudinal travel of the table X – 700 mm
relocatability of the table (Z1) 500 mm
table rotatable at 360°
weight ca. 2.600 kg
in prospectus moderate execution
three-phase current 380 Volt, 50 Hz
lacquering light grey
infinitely variable drive via regulated three-phase motor with digitally speed
drive power 3 kW
speed range 100-4.000 1/min., in which the performance of 3 kW
in the areas of 2.000-4.000 und 500-1.000 1/min. is fully available. The changeover to both areas
100-1.000 1/min. and 400-400 1/min.
is made by V-belt.
drilling capacity 32 mm
digital display for 2 axes (table longitudinal adjustment and
height adjustment of the headstock)
drill bushing holder for twist drill and single lip hardmetal-drill,
as guidance element for long twist drill and also as
holder for the chip lock
automatically cooling device for internally cooled twist drill ca. 2,5 bar,
25 1/min. including the special control
high pressure pump for internal
cooling of the drilling capacity up to 4 bar
operating manual
machine parameter on CD
Price : on request*
* machine available except selling meanwhile

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