ANNEE : 1998

Maximum Swing 525 mm
Maximum Swing over saddle 350 mm
Maximum Turning Diameter 300 mm
Maximum spindle bore for bar work 64 mm
Min/Max.distance between chuck of both spindles 534 mm
Workpiece transfer between 2 spindles 8 sec.
Spindle speed Main Spindle 35-4000 Rpm
Spilnose taper Main Spindle A2-6
Spindle motor Main Spindle 30 min/continue 18,5/15 Kw
Maximum torque on spindle Main Spindle 333 Nm
Spindle speed Sub Spindle 35-4000 Rpm
Spilnose taper Sub Spindle A2-5
Spindle motor Sub Spindle 30 min/continue 7,5 Kw
Maximum torque on spindle Sub Spindle 57 Nm
Spindle speed driven tools 25-3000 Rpm
Motor driven Tools 30 min/continue 3,7 kW
Torque motor driven tools 35 Nm
X-Axis movement 190 mm
Z-Axis movement 575 mm
B-axis movement (subspindle to mainspindle) 585 mm
Minimum indexing C-Axis maim Spindle 0,001 °
Minimum Indexing C Axis Sub Spindel 5 °
C-Axis index 90° 1,2 sec
Cutting feedrate X and Z axis 1-5000 mm/min
Cutting feedrate C-axis 400 Rpm
Rapid traverse X-Axis 30 m/min
Rapid traverse Z-Axis 30 m/min
Rapid traverse B-Axis 18 m/min
Rapid Speed C-Axis main spindle 400 Rpm
Number of tools on turret / Driven 12/12 Tool type
Turret indexing 1 pos /180 degr 0,2/0,6 sec
Size of turning tool 25 mm
Boorbar size 40 mm
Max. Diameter Driven Drill 20 mm
Max. Diameter Mill Driven Toom 20 mm
Maximum tapping Driven Tool M 12 mm
Required floorspace width x depth 3150 x 1700 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 5350 kg

Complet with
Cycle bar feeder interface
LNS Quick Load servo bar feeder/magazine, incl 3 pushers
12 pieces of fillertubes
Automatic part catcher, usable on main and sub spindle
Main and sub spindle with Hainbuch colletchuck Axfix 65 incl. 2 collets
Subspindle with product ejector
Spindle air blast on main and sub spindle
Chip conveyor side
High pressure coolant 13 bar with additional tank and Filter
Auto power on/of including warm up function
1 V Type driven tool
2 H Type driven tool
1 H type Double driven tool (Main and sub spindel)
1 Cut of holder
2 Boring bar holders
2 double boring bar holder (Main and Sub spindle)
2 Turning holders
2 double turning holders (Main and sub spindle)
Control options:
Background path check
Memory 1 Mb
2nd Spindle aux functions
Synchr. Mill Tapping
User Macros (600)
Total mill spindle drive is revised

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